Rules for TBR events

Rules for Taiwan Beast Runners EVENTS (races)

  1. Understand difficulty of event and race which you are sign up for (we may required ITRA points for some distances)
  2. Each race may have slightly different rules and Mandatory Equipment and it is published on event website, but:
    • 安全性是每個人擔心的,,我們希望每位參賽選手能完成賽事。你的安全性取決於您背包裡所有物資的數量。
    • Security is everybody’s affair. We wish everybody can be finisher. Your safety depends upon the quality of the materials which you have in your pack.
  3. Safety First
    • 注意!發揮互助精神,若遇上其他參賽者受傷或不適,應加以援手並通知急救站的工作人員。
    • Attention! It is obligatory that you do not leave a person who is in difficulty alone.
    • We provide .gpx files and we encourage runners use GPS device! We mark well, but it is not organizers fall when marking disappear or participants getting lost.
  4. Refunds
    • No refunds when registration is done (but you may transfer to another person or change any data after pay 200NTD administrative fee and no less than 4 weeks before event)
  5. ENTRY DISCLAIMER  please read, understand, sign and give to organizers

    • 請先詳細閱讀, 同意後請簽名,並交給主辦單位!    Read, sign and give to organizers!
    • give to organizers during the race pickup or before race start of event (we reserved rights to not publish your results or DSQ you during race if we don`t receive disclaimer before race)

Under 18 years old parent agreement download here




Below are general rules for weekend runs and hikes, not for races.

Rules for weekend runs or hikes

We wish improve quality of our runs/hikes

  1. Classification and Information: you will read and you will know what you sign up for and what to expect and how to prepare (we will also publish difficulty of run eg. Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced – Expert – Beast Master). We will know who is really coming!
  2. Quality Increase: faster runner would like enjoy smooth fast run (or have really hard training). Beginners or slower don’t want feel they are problem and need wait for them. Some events will be only for fast or skilled, some only for beginners (or only hikers) or for everyone (more groups of different speed with different leaders).
  3. Safety: we can reward leaders or sweeper (by little pay or some usable gift)
    We will need know your NAME and PHONE number before run (via registration and also announce if you are not able to attend)! You will follow instruction of leader during run.
  4. Promote Taiwan Beast Runners and products which we use, eg. Runivore or Talwind (usually include in fee). And trail running and exploring in Taiwan which EVERYONE can enjoy, not only master beast runners.

Instruction for weekend runs or hikes

  • Days Before
    • Understand difficulty of run (specified in FB or event page)
    • If you doubt or you are not sure don’t hesitate contact us
    • Follow all mandatory equipment and instruction for event
    • REGISTER for event here with phone number which you will have during run, before 17:59 day before run (if not differently specified)
    • You can UNREGISTER, also before 17:59 day before run. If not you will have to still pay the fee next time
    • Attend in Facebook event (for quick information)
    • Some runs can be limited and registration is need (eg. we will do insurance or shuttle transportation), you cannot attend without registration.
    • If event will not be limited and you will not register day before you can still attend but will not receive any gift (eg. Runivore bar).
  • In day of run
    • Don’t be late. If you are coming late please contact us (phone: 0963539346), if possible we can little wait
    • Pay by cash before run (prepare exact amount)
    • If you will not register day before you can still attend but will not receive any gift
    • Follow instruction of leader(s). If you don’t understand please ask to explain again or in Chinese.