Rules for TBR events

Rules for Taiwan Beast Runners EVENTS (races)

    • Before signing up for races, It’s important to understand the difficulty, risk, rules and mandatory equipment
    • Runners should be in a good health and engage regularly in running activities prior to competition
    • Joining some TBR races may require certain Performance Index – general quotation of ITRA points (eg. TBT50 420+)
    • Give organizers Signed Entry Disclaimer (download here)
    • For participants under 18 years old, a parent agreement is needed (download here)
    • Early Bird – better prices or benefits (the period is also limited by 25% capacity, first come – first served)
    • Standard Period – T-shirt guaranteed (or fill up spots)
    • Late BirdOpen only for elite or overseas runners (spots limited, T-shirt not guaranteed)
    • English name and English Surname are required (used for ITRA)
    • You may provide Chinese name – on BIB and on TBR results will use Chinese name only for TPE nationalities
    • Please keep the same name in our events (Beast Grand Slam results, more below)
    • Birthday format dd/mm/yyyy
    • Phone – please give us phone number contact, please write local phone on entry disclaimer for overseas participants
    • ITRA performance index – can be found here (if not record fill up 000)
    • PayPal (+5%, doesn’t work for PayPal in Taiwan)
    • ATM in Taiwan to account玉山銀行 808 / 0554-940-006524
    • Payment has to be done within 48hours or before deadline
    • Incomplete registrations older than one week will be deleted
    • Complete/Incomplete registrations will be displayed on registration page
    • Upload Proof of Payment (don`t use email if not necessary):
    • If you need VAT receipt (for using in Taiwan) please contact us via email before event
    • NO Refund or partial refunds
    • You may transfer to another person 4 weeks before event and pay administration fee 400NTD (or specified in event rules). T-shirt size is possible to change only 7 weeks before event)
    • Any changes in personal details such as name correction – administration fee 200NTD
    • Changes are possible only via contact (don`t contact us via LINE or Facebook for this enquiry)
    • No refunds in case of cancellation or postponement of event
    • Personal Pickup – if you pickup for your friend, runners to need give us Entry Disclaimer signed by him/her
    • Some events don’t have personal pickup (please respect it and do not ask for exceptions)
    • Pickup at the morning of the race is allowed only with our permission, please contact us by email (overseas or another difficulties)
    • If shipping is available – only in Taiwan and participants need to provide an address in Chinese during registration and give us Entry Disclaimer before start (missing entry disclaimer = DSQ)
    • It is not possible get race pack after start of race, it will be reused
  • T-shirts and gifts
    • T-shirts are available only for Early and Standard Period registrants
    • Please be sure to choose the right T-shirt size and gender. Changes will not be possible
    • Late Bird has may have extra T-shirts available (+5%) for elite and overseas participants
    • Volunteers have to contact us early to get a T-shirt
  • BIB
    • Personalized BIB for who signed up in Standard Period
    • Bib number must be visible at the front at all times and showed clearly in control points
    • Chip on wrist has to be recorded in each control point and finish line
    • Runners are not allowed to give a BIB to another person to join race – this is will not be accepted and will be punished!
    • Bandit racing – to run without registration – is immoral and not allowed!
    • Your safety depends upon the quality of the materials which you have in your pack – please respect mandatory equipment (random checks will occur during the race)
    • 安全性是每個人擔心的,,我們希望每位參賽選手能完成賽事。你的安全性取決於您背包裡所有物資的數量。
    • Attention! It is obligatory that you do not leave a person who is having difficulty or is injured.
    • 注意!發揮互助精神,若遇上其他參賽者受傷或不適,應加以援手並通知急救站的工作人員。
    • If you or another competitor is immobilized:
      • Call the race organizers number 0963-539-346
      • Give your position and reference point (use maps from organizers or give coordinates)
      • Explain the situation simply
    • Runners must stay on the marked course. Shortcuts are not permitted. If you get lost, please return to the last sighted marking.
      • Please note that the course will be marked prior to the race, there is still the possibility of markings being defaced or removed by vandals.
      • Organizers provide GPX of the course. Some events may have mandatory gps device.
      • Withdraw (DNF) from race can only be made at Check Points. Please inform the staff (Runner information needs to be recorded, with chip cut and bib marked). Transportation may be arranged to pick you up and drop you off at the race venue, but you may need to wait for arrival.
      •  Change category/distance or DNF
        • Changing distance is allowed in some events and at some check points when runners have not reached “the cut off time” or done voluntarily (in both situations, please announce to the check point staff)
        • You will be still finisher of new distance, have results, online certificate and ITRA record, but not awarded if in ranked
        • DNF – Did Not Finish, DSQ – Disqualified
        • Cut off times are subject to change
      • Results

if you have any further inquiries please contact the race organizer:

Under 18 years old parent agreement download here

Download universal ENTRY DISCLAIMER in .pdf here

尺碼  GENDER Shirt size (男 Male or 女 Female)

  • Please choose carefully your shirt during registration, changes will not be possible
  • UNISEX sizes are identical with Male
男 MALE SIZE Chest (cm, half perimeter) Body Length (cm)
XS 45 60
S 男 48 63
M 男 51 65
L 男 53 68
XL 男 56 70
2XL 男 58 73
女 FEMALE SIZE Chest (cm, half perimeter) Body Length (cm)
XS 女 40 56
S 女
43 59
M 女
46 61
L 女
48 64
XL 女
51 66
2XL 女
53 69

tolerance ± 1cm

BEAST Run Slam

  • BEAST Run Slam
  • Overall results during the year of chosen races and its distances in two categories
    • Beast Run Slam RAPID
    • Beast Run Slam ULTRA
    • Male and Female
    • Name of runner has to be same for every event!!!
      • Taiwanese (TPE): Chinese + eng name + eng surname (or only eng name + eng surname)
      • Foreigners: eng name + eng surname (Chinese will be removed)
    • BEAST Run Slam 2018 RAPID list of races:
      • RTTJ 10 and RTTJ 17
      • EYB 12 and EYB 20*
      • TBT 12 and TBT 25
      • LOOP 25 and LOOP 50*
      • UM 12 and UM 21
      • FT 16 and FT 40*
    • BEAST Run Slam 2018 ULTRA list of races:
      • RTTJ 34
      • EYB 20*
      • TBT 50
      • LOOP 50*-75-100-125-150
      • UM 50
      • FT 40*, FT 65 and FT104
    • *some distances counts for both categories
    • Score – based on ranking (maximum of 1000pts same as Ultra-Trail® World Tour):
      • 1st → 1000
      • 2nd → 865
      • 3rd → 785
      • 4th → 729
      • 5th → 685
      • 6th → 650
      • 7th → 620
      • 8th → 594
      • 9th → 571
      • 10th → 550
      • 11th → 531
      • 12th → 514
      • 13th → 499
      • 14th → 484
      • 15th → 471
      • 16th → 458
      • 17th → 446
      • 18th → 435
      • 19th → 425
      • 20th → 415
      • 21st → 405
      • 22nd → 396
      • 136th → 40
      • 150th → 26
      • 151st → 25
      • 152nd+ → 25
      • DNF → 10pts
      • DNS → 5pt
      • DSQ → 0pt

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